People always ask me this particular question:

What is the reason you make art?

I always reply the same:

"To create a world for myself I always dreamed of."

I, Merel van Beek (1998) A self-taught artist , had my education in arts at the Wackers Academy for 1 year to, an institute which emhphasises the classical artstyle through the arts of painting, drawing and sculpturing. Learning about craft skills and the theoretical knowledge that underlie these skills, which are practiced extensively by figurating and composing living models, still life, landscapes as well as portraits, is the core essence of the Wackers Academy. This ensures that a truly personal and unique style is developed. After that, I explored and enriched my artistic self on my own, learning about and making art in my own way, guided by emotion and passion.

Although I've been fascinated by art from early on, I truly embraced and developed my artistic self when I was going through some difficult times, during which making art was both a form of distraction as it was something that kept me going. It was my lifeline. Mainly because of this, I do not perceive myself to be your ordinary everyday artist. I'm very passionate and emotionally involved in what I do, which expresses itself throughout the use of a lot of color and intuition, using a wide palette of styles and techniques.